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Word Sorts

1. short “a, i”

2. short “e, o, u”

3. long “a, i” cvce pattern

4. long “e, o, u” cvce pattern

5. long vowels – silent e

6. consonnant clusters

7. double consonants

8. “sh, ch, wh, th”

9. “nd, nt, mp, ng, nk” endings

10. “k, ck” endings

11. “ai, ay”

12. “ee, ea”

13. “o, oa, ow”

14. “igh, y, i”

15. homophones

16. “s, es” endings

17. two sounds for “c” and “g”

18. “aw, o”

19. “oo”

20. “ow, ou”

21. compound words

22. contractions

23. “ar” abc order

24. “or and ore”

25. “er” abc order

26. “ed, ing” endings

27. “ed, ing” cvce pattern

28. syllables

29. prefixes

30. suffixes