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Problem Solving



Place Value


Making Change

Power Lines 1

Ice Cream Graphing

Polygon or Not?

Expanded Numbers

Balloon Pop

Comparing Money

Power Lines 2

Points on a Grid

Symmetry Sort


Subtraction Action

Count Money

Power Lines 3

Let’s Graph

Solid Figure Factory

Scooter Quest

Sum Sense Subtraction

Let’s Compare

Balloon Bonanza

Venn Diagrams


Safari Units

Speed Grid Subtraction

Add Like Mad

Follow a Path

Two Less Than

   Graph Data

EM Math Subtraction

Math Magician Subtraction




Just the Facts!


Numbers and Patterns

Stop the Clock – 30 minutes

Parts of a Group

Space Arrays

That’s a Fact!

Adam Ant Perimeters

Number Cracker

Stop the Clock – 15 minutes

Memory Fractions 1

Math Magician

Math Magician – Addition

Tile the Floor

Odd or Even?

Stop the Clock – 1 minute

Bowling for Fractions

Tony’s Tire Shop

Connect Sums

Choose the Unit

Number Pairs

Telling Time – 5 Minutes

Fraction Flags – Halves/Quarters

Patty’s Paint

Speed Grid – Addition

Length Strength

Least to Greatest

Days of Fun

Fraction Flags – Thirds

Flight of the Knight

Dinosaur Dentist

Length Strength – Inches

Number Hunt

Telling Time – Half Hour

Fraction Frenzy

Eggstatic Drop!

Sum Sense – Addition

Length Strength – Centimeters

Gumball Surprise

Stop the Clock – Match Words


Dino Disco

Addition Surprise

Heavier Object

Meet Paul Pattern

Willy the Watchdog

Memory Fractions 2

Classroom Capers

Addition Pyramid

Area and Perimeter

Sea Shell Rounding

Name that Fraction

Multiplication Monsters

Funky Mummy

Ounce or Pound?

Guess the Number

Fantastic Fish Shop

Comparison Math

Tally Marks

Cone Crazy

Robin Doubles

Comparing Numbers

Pizza Pizzazz


Olivia Octagon

Speed Grid Multiplication

Math Facts Basketball

Baseball Addition

Reflex Math